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Life Planning

"The Personal Catalyst helped me to look beyond traditional retirement. It enabled me to develop a vision and set goals for an exciting new chapter of life, including the identification of practical steps for getting there. Most importantly, I now have a road map to a truly fulfilling retirement."
- CRS, Urban Planner

Career Counseling/Coaching

"You have a great gift for helping people and being very positive about the overall search process. I have truly enjoyed our sessions as we not only solved by career need, but we also tried to solve all the other problems of the free world while we were at it. . . Kit, the future will hold nothing but success for you because , above all, you are great people."
- BB

"I want to thank you for all you did. Your encouragement meant a great deal and helped me realize I could move on."
- DM


"Thank you so much for your presentation at our group this morning. It was everything we hoped for – informative, provocative, and fun. . . . Thanks, too, for bringing all the materials."
- Phyllis M, on behalf of interns ending their year-long affiliation with Horizons for Homeless Children

"Thank you for the time that you took out of your busy schedule to talk with us. . . We all found the session to be very informative and extremely helpful. A couple of us felt less terrified about entering the job market as a result of our conversation. We could not have asked for a better meeting. The resume writing, job search tips, and networking ideas were so very helpful."
- JA

Project for CBS News:

"Through The Job Squad I was afforded a great opportunity to work with Kit Harrington Hayes, a consummate professional in the career counseling field. We met every week for at least two hours. Not only was she able to help me re-work my resume to get rid of educational jargon and change statements to accomplishments, but she also encouraged my baby steps in networking and challenged me to stand in the skills that my assessments confirmed. She also offered wise words and compassion when the daily grind of the job search got me down."
- Diana Schuman writing about CBS The Early Show's week-long series "Job Squad" in March 2009 that featured 4 job seekers. Diana was the 50+ candidate.

Professional Colleagues:

"It has been a great experience and wild ride on this project. I can’t thank you enough for your more than expected participation. You really provided the “life” in this project. You are truly a jewel. - Gene Burnard, Publisher,

"Thank you again Kit for continuing to mentor in your wonderful way. I always tell folks when they praise my seminars that I learned everything I know from my mentor at NU, Kit Hayes! You’re tops in our field, no doubt."
- Catherine Jessup, OHSU, Portland Oregon

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