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Thinking about ”retiring” . . . but don’t even like the word?

You may be approaching the age associated with retirement without a plan – or even a mental picture – for your future.

You may want to continue to work - but prefer to work differently.
Or possibly you have to continue earning, but would like to do something new – “rewire”.

As your career-building years wind down, you may wonder how you’ll reallocate your time and energy or what will get you out of bed in the morning. Will you volunteer your talents, learn new things, develop your creative abilities, leave a legacy? Where will you live and how will you find like-minded people? What will bring joy and meaning to your life?

Possibilities abound! LifeWork Design invites you to explore this new life stage with us. Through consultation and coaching, you will have an opportunity to redirect your energies and rebalance commitments, while integrating new dreams and goals. 

Our Personal Catalyst™ is a powerful, transformative process, supported by sophisticated software.


Together we will:


Develop a vibrant and compelling personal vision for your next several years providing clarity about the life you want to live.

• Translate your vision into specific goals, priorities and concrete steps that will give you a detailed action plan for realizing your vision.

• Analyze your goals and allocate resources thereby accelerating your momentum.

• Ultimately, you will experience the deep satisfaction of living the life you designed.



“I have been using my Personal Catalyst life design as a road map in my “rewirement” for more than a year and can honestly say I’ve never been happier! Kit created the space for us to work together intensely and guided me through the process. She asked probing questions and provided encouragement at every step along the way as I created my vision and then developed detailed plans for my future. It’s been an exhilarating and life-transforming experience!”


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