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Need some kind of change in your work life?

You may be working harder than ever but still worrying about job security.
Or, maybe your job feels “safe” but financially you continue to lose ground.
Perhaps you fell into a career you never really chose and now you’re ready to find one that’s a better fit and more meaningful to you.
Or, you’ve been working for decades, and now you’re looking for an exit strategy or a way to stay engaged but on different terms.

At LifeWork Design we understand your fear and frustration. Deep inside, you yearn for change . . .  but where to start? Our holistic approach re-energizes your career goals and helps you shift the balance between work and the rest of life.


Together we will:


Create a customized career action plan that will guide you forward.

• Clarify your strengths and talents, your values and personal style . . .  and where they might fit in the changing marketplace.

• Craft compelling resumes that get results even in a volatile economy.

• Design networking and targeting strategies shortening your time in transition.

• Polish interview and negotiation skills increasing your impact.

• Build your credibility and resilience in a global work world.



“After working as a software engineer for 25 years, I am finally the teacher I always wanted to be. You helped me find an internship for my graduate program and write a resume that school principal’s would read.
I couldn’t have done it without you.”
- L.M.


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