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Personal Catalyst(TM) Life Design

What it is:
The Personal Catalyst Life Design is a deep, thoughtful and transformational goal setting process in which I guide you to design the life you want to be living and then help you create the road map to get you there. The process is enhanced by sophisticated software* that compiles, analyzes and reports on your progress toward life goals.


What you will get from engaging in this process:
  • Clarity about your future goals, motivation and improved performance
  • Accurate, unmediated self-expression
  • Commitment to an exciting personal future
  • A written report that includes:

~A personal vision
~Individual goals in priority order
~A detailed plan for making and measuring progress
  • Follow up coaching to keep you on track


How we’ll work:

I will ask you to describe the life you want to be living in 5 (or 10) years. I’ll guide you to think about many facets of your future life and I’ll transcribe all your responses. Then together we’ll organize and edit this into your personal Vision.

Next, we’ll generate ideas for achieving your vision and from that list you’ll choose the best options. Then, with my counsel, you’ll develop goals and priorities and map the progress you’ve already made toward the goals. I will enter data throughout and then key the software to evaluate the data; it will produce an amazing matrix charting precisely where you are on your path with respect to your goals. Finally, we will use this information to create your action plan, the road map for actualizing your vision.

It may all sound abstract but, in reality, this is very concrete and totally personalized to you and your vision. You will be creating the life you want to live. Our work together will take between eight and twelve hours and can be done in two to four sessions.

* The software was designed by Michael Kelly, PhD, derived from a unique planning approach he has used extensively in corporate and government organizations. Hundreds of senior executives and government leaders have worked with Michael using the AMCat for their organizations and the PCat for themselves. I have been trained and certified by him to use the Personal Catalyst.

    © 2008 Kit Harrington Hayes