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Seminar Program:

Marketing Your Age Advantage: Job Search Strategies for Professionals 45+

These interactive sessions will squarely address age discrimination and the implications for savvy job seekers. Participants will discover how to conduct a job search campaign that will have you feeling productive every day, will get you in front of people who can steer you to where the action is and will get you reemployed within a reasonable timeframe. While economists are predicting market doom, there are tremendous needs out there. And people with depth and breadth of experience have the most to contribute. Launch (or reboot) your job search campaign with new focus and energy.


Session I:  Self-Assessment and Your Vitality
Identify and own the particular strengths, talents and attributes you bring to the table because of the breadth and depth of your experience; discover ways to remake first impressions.

Session II:  Resumes That Get Attention
Learn how to create resumes that sell your talents and experience without getting you ruled out because of your age; become aware of differences between printed resumes and those used for electronic submission.

Session III:  Job Search Best Practices
Develop a plan for your search based on how companies hire; find out how to maximize your efforts and get the most from networking events and informational meetings.

Session IV:  Interview Preparation
Gear up for a variety of interview styles and interviewers, including managers younger than you; practice describing your accomplishments and telling compelling stories that highlight your strengths; find out how to close the sale and negotiate the offer.


This seminar series is priced to serve individuals who have been impacted by the severe downturn in the economy. Space is limited to 8 people and preference will be given to those who sign up for the full series. Individuals will be welcomed into single sessions if space permits.

The series is priced at $100.00; individual sessions are $30.00.
The series will be repeated if there is sufficient demand.


When:              4 Monday evenings

Where:             Turning Point Career
                         742 Massachusetts Avenue
                         Arlington, MA

Registration:   Email or call 781-648-0373




Past Programs:

Making the Most of Professional Affiliation

Most career counselors will tell you to join professional organizations. Kit will tell you how to leverage your membership in order to create visibility within your profession and build your professional reputation.

 J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford MA
MORE INFO:contact Dina Kanabar

Selling Your Age Advantage

It's known that age discrimination is widespread in the American workplace. So how do you take on the daunting task of conducting an effective job search when you're 50+?
Kit will help you address the stereotypes, dispel self-doubts and launch or reboot a job search campaign that gets results.

WHERE: J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford MA
contact Dina Kanabar

Positive Aging: Possibilities and Challenges for Life After 50

Kit Harington Hayes of LifeWork Design will provide an overview of what to expect from life after 50 and explain how engaging in life planning can enhance enjoyment in this next chapter of life.

Event was held Robbins Library Community Room, Arlington, Mass. For more info, visit or call 781.316.3201.
This event launched the library's new series for active adults 50 -70+ and was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Marketing Your Age Advantage

Savvy Job Search Strategies for Older Workers, 45+. Offered on 4 consecutive evenings by Lexington Community Education.

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