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Print Publications

Kit Harrington Hayes is a prolific writer, especially when it comes to topics about which she feels passionate. In 1996 she wrote Managing Career Transitions: Your Career as a  Work In Progress. The second edition, published by Prentice Hall in 2000 is available at: LINK

Online Publications

More recently, Kit has been writing for the website, an excellent site specifically geared to the career and job search issues of workers over 50. You can read her articles by following the links below.

To see all Kit's articles at once, go to: LINK

Or go directly to the article that most interests you.

People over 50 face rampant and insidious age discrimination when looking for new jobs. This article is loaded with practical suggestions that will give your job search and your spirits a boost. It can even change your life. LINK

Many professionals nearing the end of their career-building-years would love to step back, get out of the hot seat, stay with their employer, and contribute as a team member rather than leader. Can the corporate world handle this paradigm shift? Read on and see what you think. LINK

For a detailed account of career transition for older workers, read this article. Kit’s clear explanation will demystify the process for you. LINK

Kit then takes you through the career transition process step by step, beginning here with Self Assessment. LINK

The next step in the process of career transition is Exploration brought to life here. LINK

In the next article, Kit zeros in on professional affiliation as the most efficient and productive way to explore career options and develop a network of contacts that will support your career going forward. LINK


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